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Gale with Phoenotopia

2014-10-05 08:06:44 by Hitters

Hello Hitters!

Dear, We are present Gale with Phoenotopia (previous Legend of Stone) ( Gale is a pink-hair girl. She have an adventure. Gale find the family in all villages, in vain.

Well, she had to seek guidance from Lisa, Lisa's brother, head of the robot by the name of Bill or the Prince Leo. Also survived great obstacles, for example. Armored King Toad, Sand Dragon or Mercenary General and Big Robot.

That is, We are love this game. Quang Tran (Quells - done a good job when he created Phoenotopia. Helped him MarshamallowPirate (, because he has created a unique and amazing graphics. Gale is Hitter's favourite main character, therefore Arek create girl with plasticine.

Arek create Gale only 1,5 hours. You can watch image on Newgrounds:



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