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Entry #1

Hitter's Presentation

2014-10-04 14:50:27 by Hitters

Hello my dear!

This is new studio Hitter. There is unpopular studio.

Hitter on Newgrounds will presents pictures and images. On this images only figures for plasticine or modeling clay. Hit' love stop-motion movies and animation movies.

Arkadiusz Kajdas known as Ar Kai loves plasticine, pepsi and drawing comics and cartoons on the cards after school notebooks. Ar started life with plasticine or modeling clay when have 5 years old. All friends with the Ar's school love Hitter's manager draws and figures with plasticine.

Hitter have channel on YouTube. Hit uploaded two movies about Wise & Stupid. Wise and Stupid is a first plane Hitter. Wise is a skate, Electro-house lover and romantic boy. Stupid is a nerd school, Banquet lover and pimply boy. Wise wear on head fullcap, at body jumper and tracksuit and in foots Converse. And enough about Wise & Stupid.

Thank you that read this presentation new account in Newgrounds - Hitter!


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